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Consumer, brand and technology trends for US smartphone market

T-Mobile smartphone procurement needed a predictable and repeatable process for gathering consumer smartphone purchase intent, and deriving strategic insights that could shape T-Mobile’s smartphone portfolio strategy and model selection. In collaboration with market research firm Ipsos, we built a multi-year national consumer survey to gather and analyze smartphone purchase intent. Working with T-Mobile management, we hand-picked the most impactful trend areas to report on and communicate at the highest executive levels. We fine-tuned the research and analysis process to accelerate its delivery by 25% and allow T-Mobile to refresh market insights twice a year from yearly.



3 Years Market and industry trends for Mobile and Cloud productivity solutions

Microsoft Office wanted a comprehensive review of emerging trends in mobile and cloud based productivity suite that would influence the productivity suite over the next 3 years. We conducted a thorough review of the latest trends outlined by industry analysts, internal strategies and planning documents, relevant primary and secondary market research, and interviewed over a dozen experts and technology visionaries. The final report presented to Msft Office executives highlighted disruptive trends of emerging new user behaviors that embraced the flexibility and convenience of fast growing cloud-connected smartphones over conventional PCs. Recommendations included rapidly establishing a beachhead on emerging competing smartphone platforms.





Handset portfolio product and brand optimization

T-Mobile goes through a thorough handset portfolio selection several times a year during which it defines the upcoming portfolio of handsets as a combnation of the better selling current handsets and a selection of over 30 possible new handsets. T-Mobile wanted to anchor this selection process with up-to-date market data. We used a sophisticated market simulator built by Ipsos to evaluate the market potential of dozens of existing and new handsets. To aid the complex decision-making process we put together a graphic representation of the portfolio, potential, showing the market reach of each handset, handset category and handset brand.





World-wide marketing strategies for increasing cross-network user engagement and retention

Microsoft Online properties (MSN, Windows Live and Bing) wanted to increase their user engagement and retention across properties. The project involved using web analytics to understand the usage pattern of Microsoft online users and pinpoint the properties that ranked highest as user entry points, passageways through the network, and exit points. A tool was built to provide ongoing monthly analysis of the user flow amongst the major properties. A playbook of best marketing practices to increase user engagement was assembled and marketing managers in 13 lead countries were trained on using the best practices.

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Market sizing, business model, distribution strategy and business plan for 3D Medical Imaging Startup

Vizua is a Seattle startup that offers sophisticated 3D medical imaging as a cloud service to medical professionals. The startup needed a business plan to communicate its product offering and growth strategy to potential investors and industry partners. Areas of the plan that needed attention included market sizing, distribution strategy, and a P&L that included several business models applicable to the tiered offering of Vizua.



Market analysis, product definition and business case for growing CPI-Lean Consulting practice of a leading hospital

Children Hospital is a leading pioneer in using Toyota’s Lean Performance Improvement techniques in a hospital setting. Management wanted to understand the opportunity and steps required to build a Lean CPI consulting practice to serve the hospital market in the US. We worked closely with Management and Lean specialists to build a singular business vision, interviewed potential customers to understand their needs, define a product offering that matches the market needs and internal capabilities. Our complete report to Management included a 5 year P&L with several positive revenue growth scenarios.


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